Support Bishvilaych's Programs

Bishvilaych is a registered nonprofit organization in Israel, USA, UK, and Canada.

Where is your money going?

  • Medical Appointments and screenings for women
  • Breast Cancer awareness programs
  • To support school initiatives where staff, faculty, and students participate in workshops about healthy living
  • Helping to create lectures and workshops promoting women’s health
  • Supporting ongoing educational lectures to community leaders, to help spread the knowledge!

To donate using shekel currency, you many click HERE.

Donations to Bishvilaych are tax deductible in Israel,the U.S., U.K., and Canada.

Bishvilaych is a recognized nonprofit organization ( ע”ר # 580421592)  in Israel with section 46 tax deductible status.

Donations can be mailed to
Ha-Rav Sorotskin St 9B, Jerusalem, Israel 9442315

American Friends of Bishvilaych
1074 E 19th St.
Brooklyn, New York 11230
US Tax ID # 421610999

British Friends of Bishvilaych
31 Leadale Road
London,N16 6BZ
British Charity # 1112486

Jewish Heritage Foundation
32 Brookview Dr.
Toronto, Ontario
To specify for Bishvilaych