Prenatal Care

The Bishvilaych Evelyn Barnett Medical Center introduces: a revolutionary initiative for prenatal care in Jerusalem!

This breakthrough initiative is the first of its kind in Israel, providing a personal care program for prenatal women. We have partnered with a professional midwifery team representing leading hospitals throughout the country. Our care features high accessibility to healthcare professionals, a personalized care plan, as well as individualized guidance and advice for female and newborn health.

In addition to the standard follow-up, each patient will be assigned a midwife and provided with her phone number. You may reach out to the midwife at any time for any questions or concerns, so you can receive professional guidance immediately.

This unique healthcare mode, which has already been widely acclaimed and recognized abroad, is now being introduced in Israel for the promotion of our women’s health and welfare.

“We have been working on this initiative for a while,” shares Sara Siemiatycki, co-founder and director of Bishvilaych. “We heard and felt there was a need for quality female follow-up, which encouraged us to develop a program that is professional, caring, and focuses on providing women with long-term tools for maintaining their newborn’s health and their own health.”

Our initiative at a glance:

  • 10 appointments
  • Health knowledge and tools for pregnancy and birth
  • Your midwife’s phone number for any advice or questions
  • Advice on nursing nutrition and exercise