Medical Delegation from Tokyo, Japan Visits Bishvilaych

A medical delegation comprised of professors, midwives, and nurses from Tokyo, Japan came to visit Bishvilaych as part of an initiative to document successful medical models around the world. The delegation visited 8 countries including Australia, Holland, and Germany. Israel was its final stop!

The delegation’s visit was honored by the presence of Professor Drorit Hochner, director of Hadassah Hospital’s Women’s Department, and Dr. Diana Flasher, a member of the Women’s Health Committee.

During the visit, significant issues were raised regarding women’s health, preventive medicine and gender medicine.

“I commend the medical delegation for their desire to recognize professional models for improving women’s health in their country and I am delighted to have been to contribute to the conversation with experiences of women’s health in Israel,” says Sara Siemiatycki, co-founder and director of Bishvilaych.