Bishvilech – All Lights Ignited

The Bishvilech and Mispacha campaign to promote breast health awareness has come to a close.

Following the campaign, Bishvilech Women’s Medical Center received more than two thousand inquiries about breast health.

We interviewed some of these women, and the overall consensus was a feeling of immense gratitude. The campaign really encouraged women to get up and do something.

Here is some of what people are saying:

“I never thought about the subject, but because of you I made an appointment.”

“It’s amazing. I took responsibility for my health and made an appointment for an early check-up, and at the same time I was able to enter a pampering lottery for a new wig and spa facial treatment!”

“At home, on the phone with sisters and sister-in-laws, at school, at the park…I’m hearing about the importance of screening tests,” says the founder and director of Bishvilech, Sara Samayatitzky, with great satisfaction. “I really feel that everyone has heard and read and internalized the importance of these exams.”