Common Questions

One of Bishvilaych’s goals is to promote health awareness starting from a young age. Preventative health care allows woman to take ownership of their health, and take on the responsibility of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Bishvilaych follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and gives each woman the tests that are recommended for her age and family history. In addition, Bishvilaych appointments are appropriate for women and girls of all ages, which includes a complete physical, risk assessment that relates to the individual patient which takes into consideration her family and medical history. The patient is given the guidance and knowledge of what she specifically has to do for her health, which includes advice on a healthy life style and early detection screening.

The all-female staff at Bishvilaych includes physicians, nutritionists, social works, that specialize in women’s health. In addition to a comprehensive physical examination, the physician will also perform a clinical breast examination (by hand), a gynecological examination, and a PAP smear. She will also review her family history, medical history, and individual risk factors, to guide the patients how to promote a healthy lifestyle. The appointment also includes a psychosocial evaluation helping to better understand her emotional health. The patient is further entitled to meet with a nutritionist for up to a year at no extra cost.

Any suspicious symptom or change should be a red light to seek medical advice. At the same time, our doctors recommend that women do a complete checkup every one to two years according to the women’s risk factors to make sure that everything is ok. This allows your doctor to identify symptoms that require immediate treatment and promote early detection of disease that saves lives.

Every woman should be examined regardless of whether she is married, single, or young. The appointment is especially recommended for young women before their wedding, assuring her health status before pregnancies and births.

Bishvilaych has the Haskomot, approval and backing of the Rabbonim of all circles and communities. The Gedolim highly recommend that women should do routine checkups and this is considered fulfilling the Mitzvah of Venishmartem.

Kupat Cholim in Israel is an excellent public system that provides medical services and treatments for the entire country in all areas. Bishvilaych has a unique approach where the doctors perform a comprehensive screening of all aspects related to woman’s health. The physicians are specialists in their fields who training in women’s health with a gender perspective. Each woman begins the appointment meeting with a nutritionist who takes her family history, discusses lifestyle and takes vital signs. The woman than goes to a physician who does a review of systems including her psychosocial health, and then performs a complete physical exam including breast examination (by hand), a gynecological examination, and a PAP smear. The physician then creates an assessment specific to each women, and advices her on preventative health and a healthy lifestyle. Unlike the Kupat Cholim, Bishvilaych allows one doctor to touch every relevant field that will help women maintain their health.

The radiation from a mammography has significantly lower radiation than any other imaging device, and the advantages of the mammography outweigh the small amount of radiation from the test.

This guideline was established because mammography imaging can best screen the breast tissue of women aged 50 and above. The structure of the breast at a younger age does not allow an effective examination by mammography due to breast density. Therefore, for women under 50 a clinical breast exam done by hand and ultrasound is highly recommended. For most low risk woman, the age of 50 is the optimal time to begin mammography, but it is critical for woman to do a risk assessment, to be aware of her individual needs relevant to breast health. Mammography or breast ultra-sound will be recommended for younger women at higher risk.
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